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Start The Startup™

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I love working with “Starters of Startups.”  Entrepreneurs. They are the coolest people I know.  They have courage.  Brené Brown, leading researcher and author of the book Daring Greatly, tells us the root of the word Courage is “COR.”  COR, in Latin, means heart. Historically, courage meant “To speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.” Today the word courage is more about being heroic or brave.  When I started my own business, I felt the complete opposite of heroic or brave. I was scared to death.  But I did feel authentic. My idea pushed me, I didn’t feel like I was pushing my idea.  That’s when I knew I was really onto something.  As I speak with new entrepreneurs, I see the same thing in them that I felt 7 years ago.  They have more heart than bravery.  Real courage (whole-heartedness) from a startup perspective is a lot like the Cowardly Lion in Wizard of Oz.  He thinks his fear makes him inadequate compared to other more qualified “Kings of the Jungle.”  But in the end he found out he had amazing courage because he faced fear authentically.  Entrepreneurs don’t have to be the best public speakers, the tallest people in the room, have the most hair, or be the best looking.  But they do have to have heart.  Follow your heart, whole-heartedly.  From there you will find your courage and voice.



Cathy Bennett is an entrepreneur, product launch veteran, and avid coffee drinker from the San Francisco Bay Area. She graduated from UCLA with a degree in Communications and earned her MBA in Marketing from the University of Notre Dame. After 15 years in corporate marketing, Cathy launched her own startup in 2007. Despite being a small-new-online-bootstrapped company, Cathy took an aggressive, hands-on approach telling the story of her company. It was compelling enough to get the attention of the Today Show, Martha Stewart, Parents’ Magazine,, Daily Candy, and PC Magazine, amongst others. Her use of social media was featured by Facebook Corporate as a “Best Practice” for its engaging use of Facebook pages. She sold her company in 2011, joing on to leading new initiatives in product launch, PR and social media for the parent company’s New York-based operation. Before her startup, Cathy was involved with corporate product launches for large companies like Ford (U.S. Launch Manager for Jaguar and Land Rover brands), Nissan (Product Manager for Infiniti’s QX4 and I30), and spearheaded Lincoln’s audio licensing partnership with THX/Lucasfilm. Cathy started Start The Startup™ to share her best practices in product launch and PR for small startups looking to attract some high quality attention.