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Have you been symbiotic today?


True symbiotic relationships are rare.  In nature, it’s two organisms that depend on and benefit from each other.  In business, it’s when things end up  “Win-Win.”  In personal life, it’s having a real BFF.  In the 7-year process of starting, running, and selling my startup, I can count the good, symbiotic relationships on one hand.  I helped people who didn’t help me.  But it also went the other way sometimes.  My startup relationship advice?  Your gut (that feeling deep in your stomach) is always more valuable than attorneys, advisors, and contracts.  And my “BFFs” from the startup?  They still are.

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Pitch (not so) Perfect

Pitch (not so) Perfect

Certain words in the English language seem to work against themselves. “Whimsical.”  Not my favorite.  Marthastewart-ish crafts, circa 2007.  In the startup and PR world, a word that seems to work against its own best interest is “Pitch.”   It implies throwing.  Or throwing away.  Maybe hitting an innocent bystander… in the eye.  “I pitched my startup idea to a few VCs…”  Geez, I hope they’re OK.  “I pitched the holiday feature to an editor at Vogue…”   Yowza, I bet she didn’t see that one coming.  Instead of pitching, try communicating in a compelling way.  See how it affects your actions… and results.

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